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Azure will be the innovative and leading provider of safe, new, mobile, conspicuous and unavoidable OOH advertising media for companies wanting to reach potential customers driving in the vicinity of their business locations.






Azure Mobile Media provides a dynamic and mobile

advertising platform to companies nationwide that are located

on or near the routes traveled by millions of buses and trucks every day. The service Azure Mobile Media provides is location-specific proximity marketing by means  of a GPS-driven digital display mounted to the top of a truck cab or back of a bus, truck box or semitrailer.

Features & Benefits

Proximity Marketing

$7.3 Billion – That was the 2015 Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising market revenue, an all-time high. Azure Mobile Media will expand that revenue figure by converging technologies to enable real-time, integrated digital advertising on moving vehicles. Azure Mobile Media is revolutionizing the outdoor marketing industry by transitioning traditional fixed-location outdoor marketing (billboards of various sizes) into the 21st century, from the roadside to the moving truck or bus – a mini location-based digital billboard on wheels.


As a direct result, advertisers will be able to leverage their marketing dollars towards the most targeted geographic locations and highway off-ramps nationwide, thereby greatly increasing advertising effectiveness.


Our Mission

Out-of-Home Advertising

Location - Specific Marketing

GPS-Driven Digital Display


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