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With roadside billboards limited in quantity, availability, and as part of a highly regulated industry, there is a very limited opportunity to create new traditional billboard space in the US.


Azure is not interested in that market – competing directly with the three largest OOH advertising companies that control 85% of the market, but will create a new market with a readily available resource – millions of buses and trucks already on the road. Most trucks operating in the US are blank rolling billboards, with no advertising on them at all.

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Trucking companies have thousands of trucks and semitrailers with only a company logo on each side, producing no revenue from the large flat (usually white) surfaces that drivers see every day on the highways. Most tour buses and interstate buses have no advertising on the back or sides of their buses, providing

thousands of large display surfaces waiting to be utilized.

Market Penetration

A Great Investment with your

Advertising Dollars!

City and transit buses already carry many sizes of advertising, and that is another potential market in which Azure may compete.


There is great potential for market penetration of the truckside and fleet display category, within the OOH advertising industry. With fewer than 3,000 trucks in the entire country displaying paid advertising on their sides, there is a huge opportunity for Azure to contract with the largest trucking and companies to display digital ads on their semitrailers and trucks nationwide.

Why is this needed?

Roadside media are a fixed quantity; new locations are hard to    find/expensive to build – a scarce resource.

Roadside media are stationary, and, when available to rent, expensive.

Roadside media are highly regulated and zoned by federal, state and local governments.

A virtually stagnant market - 85% of US billboards are controlled by three companies.

Why on a moving truck or bus?

Drivers can’t miss them! Truck and buses are big and ubiquitous on highways across the country.

Mobility and flexibility. Azure Media can take detours and advertise in the midst of potential customers.

Continuous exposure. Azure will advertise continuously on thousands of miles of road daily, giving advertisers multiple opportunities to advertise their locations.

Virtual new locations. A vast and unused opportunity to advertise at or near a business location - trucks and buses drive close to businesses (or exit ramps) millions of times a day.

Expands the market - by creating new ad space. With ten million trucks and over 600,000 buses on the road, Azure will add thousands of screens to reach the entire country with its mini digital billboards.

Fewer regulations. Federal roadside media regulations don’t apply to trucks and buses on the road.

Why invest in Azure Mobile Media, and why now?

Azure will seize the opportunity to:

Make money! It will greatly expand the lucrative OOH market, which enjoys high profit margins.

Be first to market with an innovative and unique media space ideal for proximity targeting.

Take advantage of hundreds of thousands of potential mobile advertising platforms already on the road.

Location-based marketing is HOT and exploding nationwide – it is readily available and affordable.



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