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Frequently Asked Questions


What is out-of-home (OOH) advertising?

Otherwise known as outdoor, OOH advertising refers to any advertising that you see outside your home and you probably walked, rode, or drove past it on your way somewhere else. Examples are: billboards, transit (bus) shelters, bus ads, rail ads, etc. The OOH industry has been around since automobiles started becoming popular 100 years ago, and now digital ads are making OOH ads even more effective. If you use a digital format in place of the traditional signs, this becomes DOOH.


Do OOH ads work?

Loads of stats and testimonials over the years show that OOH ads are effective. The industry had $7.3 billion in revenue last year and you can’t drive down a highway without seeing a billboard. Brand marketers are coming under increased pressure to find new ways to reach mass audiences, as traditional marketing channels, that include print and television, continue to see declining audience numbers.

Consumers can’t block OOH ads, which is now one of the biggest advantages of OOH.

Your mobile device won’t be hacked or get a virus from OOH ads.

You can’t close your eyes to avoid them, unless you’re a passenger.


What is location-based advertising (LBA)?

It is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. Normally, the technology is used to pinpoint consumers’ location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices.

• Azure gives this concept a much safer twist by displaying the advertising on a truck or bus (our version of mobile) within the forward line-of-sight of drivers. This keeps the driver’s eyes on the road instead of their smartphone.


Why is Azure Mobile Media different from other OOH media companies?

• As a start-up in digital OOH media, Azure has no legacy costs.

• Azure is not burdened with owning, leasing, or managing real estate.

• It will not own and does not need to rent real estate to make money.

• All displays are updated remotely. No vinyl, no fixed locations - and no ladders.

• Azure is poised to be the pioneer in a new and desirable digital media niche.


Who uses out-of-home advertising?

McDonalds, Apple, Verizon, Coca-Cola…you get the picture. But, more than 70 percent of outdoor ads promote local businesses – and that number is even higher in non-urban areas. National categories like retail, insurance, restaurants, media, auto dealers, travel and amusements are heavy users too.


Why will Azure’s advertising platform be effective?

With traditional OOH advertising, three of the major benefits are:

1. Brand presence. Outdoor ads reach a large segment of consumers 24/7 over four-week periods, offering multiple opportunities to reinforce your current promotion or establish your name in the market and connect with consumers.

2. Proximity. Outdoor ads have the ability to cover business trading zones to direct traffic to your location and increase sales.

3. Responsive targeting. We can pinpoint your desired audience and customize your buy by individual locations.

4. Azure does all of the above, but also puts the ads in an unavoidable location: on the road, in front of drivers – in digital color and changing every 10 seconds like digital billboards. While not exactly a captive audience, drivers (potential customers) will find it difficult if not impossible to avoid the ads in front of them, all while driving safely with their eyes on the road.


Won’t drivers be distracted by Azure ads?

The number one distraction for drivers is inside the vehicle – the smartphone. Distracted driving is a major problem, and many drivers are addicted to using their phone even while driving. Because Azure ads are outside and in front of drivers, drivers’ eyes have to be on the road (where they belong) when they see Azure ads. Azure believes this should decrease distractions to the driver by providing information that they might otherwise get from their smartphone.


What is a “directional” ad?

A directional ad is one that advises consumers of their proximity to your business. These ads can include phrases like “left off exit 22,” or “make a right on Main Street.” Directional messages are used heavily by motel, restaurant, and retail advertisers and are especially useful for local businesses that may be a bit “off the beaten path." Azure is all about directional ads.


How do Azure ads compare to other local options like radio or websites?

There are a few key benefits that Azure advertisements provide compared to other local media:

1. Less clutter. Azure ads are stand alone and allow your message to break through the clutter, unlike ordinary online ads or radio segments.

2. Media choice - irrelevant. Azure ads impact consumers as they commute, run errands, or drive to Grandma’s house for the holidays. Their media choices (what they read, watch, listen to, or subscribe to) are irrelevant – Azure captures their attention regardless!

3. Lower entry cost. Outdoor delivers more eyeballs for less money than any other media form.

4. 24/7 presence. Outdoor is there all the time while other media “flight” in and out.

5. Creative. Everything we do is digital, and we can provide a quality variety of ad options at no additional cost.


How much does it cost?

We work with budgets of all sizes, and advertising rates vary depending on the number of displays utilized and length of time desired. Try it for a short time, then if you get lots of buzz, give us a longer try! We are confident your ads will be noticed.



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