Driving Traffic  to  You!

Why you want to target your market with Azure Mobile Media:


More exposure: Drivers are spending more time in their vehicles every year, averaging 20+ hours per week.

Azure breaks through the clutter. No other company has digital ads in this space.

Azure ads are unavoidable and in front of drivers for a longer time.

Azure ads change frequently, every 10 seconds. Most roadside media does not change for a month or more at a time.

Azure boasts real-time proximity targeting on every Azure display, on every trip, on every mile of road driven by our specially equipped vehicles.

Traffic and road conditions often prevent drivers from noticing roadside media or logo signs.

A short soundclip can also be played with your ad, on a low-power FM transmitter!


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A Great Investment with your

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Unique Advertising

The most unique feature of this outdoor marketing platform is the ability to proximity target each ad to each location along an Azure-equipped vehicle’s route.

This new outdoor space gives businesses within a customer-determined distance of each equipped vehicle a dynamic and customizable way to literally drive new business their way. Data for each location can be used to customize an ad based on time of day, day of the week or month, weather conditions, and many other variables.

This is the most exciting feature of Azure’s service – an ad for one store in a chain may start ten miles in advance of the exit because of the sparse population or traffic in the area, and another may only be a half mile in advance with an entirely different message because of heavy, slow traffic and a different customer profile. The restaurant that advertises a coffee and breakfast bagel in the morning may promote iced tea or ice cream in the afternoon when it’s 95 degrees, and the next day something entirely different based on a new company promotion, directive or weather event.

As with billboards, the messages will need to be short and easy to read quickly, with contrasting colors and large print. It may be directional - telling the driver where to exit or turn to find the advertiser’s nearby location, or to create awareness of a brand or anything else the advertiser wants to display.


For a restaurant, store or attraction that wants to attract more customers from the road, there are few better ways to advertise than with a nearby billboard. For all other businesses, billboard advertising can be a great way to boost name recognition and stir some buzz. Azure takes the advantages of billboards and adds an unconventional twist with real-time geographic targeting, all safely in the driver’s line of sight.


Some of the competitive advantages and possibilities with this new space:


• Novelty: Get noticed and away from the clutter in a new digital outdoor advertising space.

The most precise proximity targeting: Aside from a nearby stationary billboard or cell phone app, nothing else is comparable in targeting customers on the road.

• Location specific: Drive demand with a discount or special offer for a particular location along a highway. The offer can be different for each location in a chain if desired by the customer.

• Time specific: Ads can be scheduled for certain times of the day (coffee/breakfast in the morning, hotels in the late afternoon and evening) certain times of the month (heavy traffic to the beach on weekends), of the year (holidays), etc.



• Season specific: Many seasonal businesses (tourist or vacation oriented) would benefit from seasonal targeting when weather changes.

• Weather relevant: Drive demand with specific offers (i.e. hot chocolate in cold weather, ice cream in hot weather).

• Brand awareness: Reinforce and support current ad campaigns with a novel new ad space.

• Additional exposure: With the option to add color banners to both sides of flat sided semitrailers or buses, advertisers can increase exposure and awareness of their brand.

• Timely government/public service/emergency messages: i.e. Amber Alerts, road closures, Tornado Warnings, etc. Digital (government owned) highway signs are few and often not working, which may make Azure displays an attractive alternative to inform the public of emergencies, accidents, detours or hazardous situations.



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